How much will you save if you give up drinking today?

Uncovering the real cost of your drinking habits using our AI tool.

It dives deep into the hidden costs of drinking that often go unnoticed: pricey cab rides, impulsive food orders, and over-the-counter remedies - just to name a few!

Your input

“I'm Michael from London, I normally have a few pints after work. On Friday I normally share a bottle of wine with the wife, how much could I save in a year if I gave up today?”

Powered by cutting-edge OpenAI technology, our algorithm analyses data from social media, academic research, and human behavioural studies to reveal a more accurate savings amount.

Our AI

“Hey Michael, if you give up your daily pints and weekly bottle of wine, you could save around £3,000 a year! That's a lot of extra cash for other fun things you could do with your wife.”